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[BLANK_AUDIO] Our boy Donald Trump. He was caught on tape admitting that he kiss and gropes women without their permission. Saying that he can just quote, grab them by the ****. Usually that's not a word we condone but there's a quote, because he's famous. Assuming he was telling the truth do you consider that to be sexual assault? Why or why not? Absolutely, I don't even know why that's a question. It doesn't matter if he is famous, or he's a regular person walking on the street. You can't just grab women without consent. Especially grabbing their vagina? Such a private area. Yes. And how are? I'm just trying to imagine what this look like. How is this? It pretty much looks like exactly. [LAUGH] Like you're imagining it. [INAUDIBLE], right? Like, you don't go in for the handshake. Right. You're like, hey, I'm Donald. [LAUGH] There's no real smooth way that I imagine that it goes, and it is fully, fully just, it's assault. It's assault. Like, call it what it is. It's sexual assault. Because you're greeting them in a way, and fame be darned, like, there's nothing that Gives you that right. But fame is associated power, money that's sort of thing. Why just going back to the question, why it is a great area for some because some people are defending his comment and no one is offended. There were a lot of women who showed up. To Trump rallies wearing t-shirts that says, you can grab me by mine and things like that. There were pictures on the internet of that and I think that in his mind and I think even in the conversation that we overheard him having, he was saying, because he's famous, women have allowed him to cross certain lines with him. That's not universally true for all women, but when you're dealing with an idiot Someone will take that as a blanket statement and a blanket entry point to greet and treat all women like that, cuz maybe one or two did allow it to happen. So you think because you are a woman, that you understand what consent is or what sexual assault is, but the way that Rap culture works in this institution works, is that it kind of brainwashes you into thinking that things are okay. Right. You're absolving people of behavior, and you're normalizing it. But Chris I wanted to get your thoughts and opinions, as I mentioned in the intro, you have a daughter. May I ask how old she is? Six. She's six, okay. So you're not quite yet to that area where you have that age where you're having those conversations, but what are your thoughts and opinions? My thoughts and opinions are kind of, let me preface this by saying, first the answer to the question is, it's sexual assault in any shape, form, or fashion. But being in the profession that I'm in, and also having a daughter kind of is a double-edged sword for me sometimes, because I'm around, I'm in fashion and I've been around entertainment all my life, and I've seen where women have given men the impression that this is okay. How? By letting them do it. Mhm. And not saying anything about it. Not all women, but I've seen it repeatedly happen. I mean, I'm not just talking about [COUGH] politics, I'm talking about in sports. Right. I'm talking about Overall in music, in fashion I've seen it happen. Right. But in the sense of on a women stand point, what I try to tell my daughter and we've already talked about this, is that, no means no just like when your parents say no. Right. That's how you know that you know it means no, so that should hold true in any aspect of your life There's no hidden meanings behind certain words. You speak what you mean and this is what I tell her about Trump. He never speaks what he means. People let him get away with murder. Because of power. Because of power. Right. It's like this country right now is letting him get away with murder. There is no way he should have gotten Then his fault, period. That, I completely agree. And I feel like if there was any other person that did not have the stature he had, or the right color of skin, they would have been hung back by a trim bonnet. Long time ago. Long time ago. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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