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Oh my god, DMX. Dark Man X. You look older in person. Fatherhood ages you. I'm tired, emotional, crying, yelling, all at the same cotton commercial. It's the fabric of our lives G. Man, I can't wait to tell all my friends Sorry Little Man we can't have you blowing up my spot but I need you to sign and initial this disclosure agreement. It's the same one Oprah used on Steppe. So I can't tell anyone I'm working for you. Nope.>> Oh so what you want me to do.>>Baby proof the living room, mince the peas for Genesis and make sure to put lavender drops in her cloth diapers.>> Why don't you just use disposable diapers? Cuz I ain't trying to leave some big **** carbon footprint. [MUSIC]

DMX Guest Stars on ABC's 'Fresh Off the Boat'—Watch Sneak Peek

DMX guest stars on this week's episode of ABC's Fresh Off the Boat, playing an unlikely (and hilarious) boss who teaches Eddie some life lessons on everything from women and love to helping reducing his carbon footprint. Tune into ABC on Tuesday, December 1 at 8:30 ET to see the episode.