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How Much Do Diddy's Sons Know About Diddy?

Watch Christian, Quincy and Justin get most, if not all of Diddy trivia right!

Welcome to The B-Side, a fun trivia game here at ESSENCE that asks: How much do you know about Black culture? From the floor Bruh Man lived on to Angela Bassett’s most iconic Waiting to Exhale monologue, The B-Side truly tests your knowledge of Black pop culture.

So, how much do Diddy’s sons—Christian, Justin and Quincy—know about Black pop culture?

A father of six, during ESSENCE’s May issue cover shoot, Diddy is seen on one cover with his daughters, but we had tons of fun with his sons as well.

Dana Scruggs

In ESSENCE’s video series, The B-Side, Diddy’s sons rattle off just how much they know about their famous father and his many aliases, his iconic catchphrases and the music artists he’s laid his hands on. There was no shortage of laughter as Diddy’s clan proved their Black card is still in tact.

Check out the video of above to see who really won.


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