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[SOUND] Thank you so much for joining us, and joining us from set. Congratulations. SO we know you're getting married to TV and film producer Roger Bobb. How did he propose? Spill all the tea. Girl, he was a fool. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] I've been involved with Roger off and on for going on ten years now, and so We were, I was opening for R Kelly in Detroit. And I had been hoping and hoping and hoping, and he let me have it. It got all the way to the ball drop, and he still hadn't proposed. So then, when we got to the house, and we were at the hotel, then I Take my wig off, and I take my make up off, that's when he decides to pop the question. I'm sitting here like, yeah. Let me look like Beetle Juice. Good job. So he literally waited till the 11th hour. But how ever it happens, I was just happy. [LAUGH] Oh absolutely.12th and a half. And so, as you just mentioned, you've been dating off and on for roughly ten years now. So what do you think made him finally propose now? I think everybody has to do things in their own timing. It's not about rushing somebody because I'm ready. You both have to be in a space where you're ready and you're committed, and you know that that's what you want to do for the rest of your life. So, as long as he got there, I didn't mind the time. Did you have a cut off time in your head? Like, if he doesn't do this in 2016. [LAUGH] Girl, yeah, absolutely. You know, he's my best friend. Mm-hm So, we are always gonna be in each other's life regardless. But, in my mind, yes. He may not have known the date but Demi McKinney did. I heard that. So, when you were on Real Housewives of Atlanta, everyone was claiming to date Roger. Were you still together during filming? And how did you handle everyone saying that they had your man? We were definitely dating while we were together. We talked every night about every scene, about everything. And how did I handle it? Honey, people want to false claim all kinds of stuff. People claiming Beyonce. People claiming You know, Halle Barry. It just happens, especially when they're spelling his name wrong. You don't know him and I'm happy, I'm cool. So once this show wrapped, did it change your relationship? How did it affect the way you two guys interacted? Or the status of your relationship? Our relationship was actually stronger. You know, reality television has a tendency to either make you or break you. Sure. And most of the people, it just absolutely breaks. So the fact that we were able to still be together, still be stronger, and keep our relationship intact speaks volumes. Now, Demetria, I have to ask you, what advice would you give to women in long term relationships looking to get that proposal? Would you recommend that others hang on for nine to ten years or so? I wouldn't recommend any amount of time to anybody. I would just recommend you get comfortable with you whether you're with that person or whether you're not. I've always been a woman who knows who I am know what I want and makes it happen for myself. So even if Roger just ended up dating my best friend for the rest of my life versus my husband I was still going to be happy with who I am. That's a very, very important message. And I'm really happy that you said that, but now when and where is the wedding? Have you picked out a date yet? Have you picked out colors, bridesmaids? [LAUGH] We've literally been in a whirlwind since I made the announcement. We're going away next week to just sit, talk, chop everything up, figure out the destination. It's gonna be a destination- Wait, wait, going away? Are you eloping? Does that mean eloping when you say going away? No, but I think we may do like a destination wedding. You know, do something special, get out of the city, you know, and just make sure that the people we really want there are gonna be there because some people won't be able to show up. That's so rude but it's so true. Are you going to have some housewives there? I may have a couple of them. You know, I'm still really cool with Claudia. I love, love, love Cynthia. And Candy, Ace, they are more than welcome. Now that you're taking your relationship into the next level and you did mention that reality show, reality TV, excuse me, can be pretty heavy on a relationship. Do you think you'd go back on the show once you're married? Do you see my eye? Oh I thought that was a special effect since you're on set. No that's really me doing that in answer to your question. Got you. I went on the show to get the music out, and thank goodness it worked. Unnecessary trouble is trending so well. One hundred did amazingly. But even though I would actually be an official housewife this time, [UNKNOWN], nope. Don't see it happening. I'm good. [LAUGH] Got you. I'm doing some work with Bounce TV, and I'm doing some stuff with Centric as well. Mm-hm. Well, Demetria, thank you so very much for joining us. I know you're pretty busy on set, and again, congratulations on the The engagement. Demetria's new song Unnecessary Trouble is on sale now, so make sure you go and get it. [MUSIC]

Demetria McKinney Serves the Tea on Her Engagement to Roger Bobb

The actress opens up about how she felt after her long-time beau (finally!) popped the question.