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[MUSIC] Your latest song marry me is a love letter to black woman. Why did you want to write this piece. Me talking to so many women, they would always tell me how just black women in general didn't feel protected nor did they feel wanted. Especially since In my career. You know, I've done enough damage myself. So when I speak, in no way am I criticizing other men and what they do in their music. But I have to sort of cleanse my soul and sorta balance my vibrations out. Mm-hm. And it was crazy because [MUSIC] My assistant called me crying when she heard the song. Really? Because I sent it to her write the lyrics out so you can put them online. I always talk to her like, why are you being such a punk, girl? Woman up! She said I had given up on the institution of marriage. Really? And she said whether you and Rudy Curren been bad or not, you thought of it. And to know that someone even thinks like that anymore, is a blessing. So, it was very important to me to do that. I hope that black women, especially, support me. I definitely hear what you're saying. I hear more and more these days, especially black women, late 20s, early 30s. We're in that difficult time, if you will, where most people aren't talking about marriage. So that is different to be speaking about marriage. It is. See how I'm saying that? You don't hear that often. You don't hear that often, especially coming from a black man. The other thing is that a friend of mine told me, he said David Banner I understand that you're a Pan Africanist and you want to change the world and you wanna start the revolution for the people. He said but until we mend What was broken in slavery. And that was that relationship between men and women. Right. Black men and women. Until we mold that and mend that back, you'll never be able to move forward as a whole. Just look at the families in America. The Rothschild Bushes. The Kennedys. It's families. Right. throughout history it was always families so it's hard for us to start and build that type of momentum when we don't have the base and that's the love between a man and a woman. Essence Live. David Banner. Pease be sure to check out his album the God Box. Essence thank you for letting me come on here and get So philosophical and thank you for giving me the opportunity to apologize to the things that I've done to our women and this was the best place and this was the place that I wanted to come and say you know thank you for allowing me to change because my career. It's what it is right now because of women. Mm-hm. Ladies, I will make it up. Oh, Lord. Not like this. [LAUGH] They told me not to do this. Not like this, not like this, not like this. Not like this. [SOUND]

David Banner on Racism: "Blame Yourself"

ESSENCE Live host Dana Blair sits down with rapper David Banner to discuss his views on racism.