Entrepreneur Danyel Jones On The  Importance of A Sister Circle: ‘Let’s Pull Each Other To The Table & Give Each Other The Blueprint’
Photo by Photo by Shekeidra Booker

As co-founder and CEO of Powerhandz Inc, Danyel Surrency Jones has learned a thing or two about the irreplaceable value in having a strong support system.

During an unforgettable panel at day 2 of the ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneur Summit and Target Holiday Market in Atlanta, the accomplished business maven sat alongside Flr-Pln CEO Adia Dightman, Don’t Get Mad, Get Paid CEO Simone Spence, Royelles founder, Mukami Kimotho – Royelles, Fria founder Sheilisa McNeal and Adorned by Chi creator Jacque Aye on the New Voices panel titled, An Entrepreneur’s Journey: Building Momentum.

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Responding to a question from moderator and ESSENCE Unbossed podcast host Marquita Harris about support systems, the mother, wife and successful entrepreneur teared up as she shared words of gratitude for her husband/business partner and her overall support circle.

“I have a six-year-old and I have a 3-year-old that’s home that I FaceTimed on the way here,” she tearfully told the crowd. “And, guys, being an entrepreneur and being a mom and juggling so much and FaceTiming with your daughter who’s saying, “Mommy, when are you coming home?” When I think about my support system, my husband, who is also my business partner, is absolutely amazing. I could not be doing what I’m doing today if it wasn’t for him. And that’s not just from a parenting perspective, that’s also business.”

Photo Credit: Taylor Hunter/Shekeidra Booker

Surrency-Jones also spoke briefly but intently about keeping herself surrounded with people who see the importance in uplifting each other and helping each other as they navigate their individual paths to success.

“That’s so important,” she added. “No jealously, no competition. We’re pouring into each other and we’re going to pull each other to the table and give each other the blueprint.”

Check out the video above to hear Danyel’s comments in full and then be sure to head back to ESSENCE.com for more of everything you missed on day 2 of the ESSENCE + New Voices Entrepreneur Summit and Target Holiday Market.


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