Cory Booker And John Lewis Protest Senate Health Care Bill

Nothing like a sit-in to let the GOP know we will not be moved.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 28, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] Senator Cory Booker and Representative John Lewis held what is some are calling a sit out to protest the Senate's healthcare bill. And Booker streamed the whole thing on Facebook. Now he posted a statement to his page which read in part quote, "We must fight harder for the American people who will suffer. Who will get sicker, who will lose loved ones if the Senate Republican plan goes through." Amen Corey. And just in case you think the abolishment of Obamacare won't affect you because you work full-time, think again. The Congressional Budget Office reports that with the new plan, employers can choose not to cover basics like, maternity care or preventative care that Obamacare required. So you'll end up more. Yeah, 45, how's that plan going better again? [BLANK_AUDIO]