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[MUSIC] Using the timeless wisdom of spiritual law, spiritual principle, and good old woman's intuition and wit. I want people to remember how to be people. Not what to do, not how to get more, but just how to be who you are, and be okay with it. This is what I'm, I'm calling, this is my invention of participatory television. Where you don't just get to sit and watch and have an opinion about the story. It's that where you have your watch with your pen and your notebook, and you listen for the things that apply to you, you write them down, you get the lesson, you get the healing and then put it into use in your life. Evelyn Lozada is every woman. Every woman who's ever loved the wrong man, every woman who's ever made a mistake, every woman who didn't allow herself to follow her intuitive urgings, every woman who, who failed to make choices about what it is that she wanted. She's every woman. And we get confused about the person and the person's behavior. Evelyn Lozada has demonstrated some very bad behavior, but Evelyn Lozada as a woman, a Latina woman, is our sister. And she can teach us. [MUSIC]

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