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my name is Jade Meyers also known as jade1991. I'm a visual artist and my nine to five is teaching english Wish. [MUSIC] I draw my inspiration from everyday life. From different neighborhoods, from driving through the city, driving if I'm out of town. I might see something that's really inspirational to me. It could be just a can. It's like regular, but I might see it as my god, I can use this can to do a mixed media painting. Or I might see it and think of something else or think of something grander than just what it is. The biggest challenge that I've had to overcome is confidence. And I overstep those boundaries that people set and I say, Okay, this can really be the thing that I want to do for the rest of my life and that I'm gonna do. [UNKNOWN] On my way, see you soon. Finding a balance between pursing my passion and my nine to five, it gets difficult at times but I try to stay committed to my nine to five but I also try my best to stay on top of my art work. [MUSIC] You want to come play? Sure. [LAUGH] My parenting philosophy, you commit yourself to something, if this is what you really, really, wanna do in your heart, you commit to it, you stick to it. This is what we taught them. [MUSIC] They are looking forward to getting Advice from Ron. He's a big big big inspiration to a lot of upcoming artists. Because he took a leap of faith, you know. Quit his nine to five to pursue a career, and above all things he's very passionate. Because he loves art. Hey! How you doing? Hey How are you? Hey, I'm Ron Bass with visual artist. I also see myself when i Meet other artists, because just being an artist is not the easiest thing to do. I know all that goes into it. It's kind of like a reflection, it's like looking in a mirror. Do the colors speak to you at all? I'm a real vibrant person so I like to express that in my art. And I like my art to actually really represent me. Where do you draw the inspiration from? Well, I can talk about this one in particular. A guy was in front of my house, riding on a bike through the rain, with a baby in the crate. And I had to get a picture of this man in this moment. So he's poverty stricken. He's not in the best place in his life, but he's still going on. He's still maintaining. He's still moving forward, and rising above it. No matter what state you're in, you could find a way to elevate. I see your artwork, and I see myself. So I know you've been working on the mural. How far along are you? Well, I'm still The design phase so just I'm trying to work on the actual message that Chevy presents and what the brand stands for. Use that and incorporate that within your colors. You have to let that piece represent you, your passion. Really bring that in. You want people to feel that. Let your heart be known. I'm really looking forward to seeing your piece. I can't wait, in New York City. We're gonna be there, we're gonna have fun. Thank you. I'm really really really grateful for this opportunity. They could've picked anybody else. I'm about to cry. [LAUGH] Being part of the ESSENCE Street Style program, I'm most looking forward to being inspired and inspired by [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC]
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