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[MUSIC] My name is Fab Roc and I'm a marketing coordinator for a fashion brand. The structure of a corporate environment. We get into this like comfortableness of waking up, going to work, the ants go marching in. And I felt like I wanted Wanted more. I've always had a love for music I ended up going to a pool party that scratch academy was throwing and they were teaching people how to DJ at the event so something was like clicked there so I decided to enroll into a three month program. Balancing a 9 to 5 and basically a 5 to 9, it's not easy. It's something has to give, something is going to be missed. I've definitely been more strategic with how I go out. [MUSIC] I'm totally excited because Ron is coming by and I get to pick his brain, about his journey this far. And get to ask him some questions. So, I'm really. I'm really excited to meet him. [MUSIC] Hey, everyone. I'm Ron Bass here in New York City working with Chevy and Essence Magazine again for the third year straight. I'm so excited to feel the passion of the artists that Chevy chose this year. I can't wait to work with them. [MUSIC] So I've been working on a lot of music for street style. And I've been trying to run through it and decide what I'm really about to get into. [MUSIC] Now is this coming from being played from the records here or from the computer? I know it looks like the old school vinyls and stuff but this is actually, there's like a program on here, and then it allows the music to translate into the record and you can play it. So all your music is on the laptop. [MUSIC] You said that this was your set you were working on now, your first freestyle? Yeah, definitely. I want to play something for everybody. Being that I was there before, not only are, you know you have your family out there in the crowd, you have this art The eclectic group of individuals that are there. They're coming eager to be entertained. What do you use that inspires you to create your setlist and things of that nature? I kind of have to go off people. I do a lot of research on who I'm about to play for. [MUSIC] The exposure that comes with it is an amazing opportunity. Something to leverage off of. Yeah. Have you thought about that date or that time where you're saying listen And I'm gonna move forward and do it on my own. Have you had that moment yet? I haven't had that moment. But I'm gonna be ready. And I'm trying to set myself up now to be in the right position for when that time comes and not be hesitant and just trust the process and do it. I'll definitely be there for you. I'm really excited to see you blossom and grow. Thanks so much. Meeting Rob for the first time was awesome. I think it was an affirmation, but also encouragement. I'm defiantly looking forward to rocking the crowd for Essence Street Style Block Party. [MUSIC]

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Fab Roc is a marketer from New York who dreams of one day being a full-time DJ.Chevy and ESSENCE teamed up to create the Passion Pursuit program where she can share her story.