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[MUSIC] And I am here with Being Mary Jane, The Game creator, girlfriend, Mara Brock Akil. [LAUGH] Oh, nice to be here! We love having you here. I love being here! Nice to see you. A former honorary of black women in Hollywood. Yes. One of my highlights, Yeah. Highlights in my life, it was great. Love it, you know, Being Maryjane, I can't help but talk about it. [LAUGH] I like that you're talking about it. I love that show. Thank you. Absolutely. I love that show. You know, it's funny after, at the end of every cut I have to ask myself, do you love it. Because I'm trying to take risks as an artist, we all are. You know, Gabriel's taking the risk, we're all trying to go there. And, but at the end of the day,. I'm really happy with it. But it is a super duper bonus when Twitter lights up, and we're, you know, we're taking over Twitter. and I love it. I love it. I love it. I love trending. [LAUGH]. And, you know, you recently had an interview. I, I forgot what magazine. But you said that you, you're not gonna write only angelic black. Women characters. No, no, no, no. Why should you? I think that's just as damaging as negative images. You know, when, when the black audience asks, or when black women say, can you write positive images, it's just a reaction to something that was a lie to begin with. Our neg, the negative images out there were a lie. And to, to paint them with positive images is a lie too. So you're just painting lies on top of lies. Our truth is beautiful, we are enough, in the beautiful, our beautiful, frailties, our beautiful flaws. That's what I was gonna say, the beautiful flaws. That's where our humanity exists, between those extremes, and that's what the message needs to be, no one's perfect. Yeah. Yeah. I mean I tell my kids that every day. You can't be perfect, so don't try, just do your best. Yeah. And, sometimes your best falls short. But, the really, the, the, the goal, the the journey of hum, the journey of humanity is to get back up again, and keep trying. And, I think that is what's beautiful about black women. I mean, look at this event. Yes, yes. No one was honoring us. No one was putting a light on us. Essence has been holding it down in the publication and now in this event. This is the most coveted ticket. Yes. And certainly a black actresses or back Hollywood cuz it's not just actresses, I mean. Yeah. Black Hollywood event. I mean the men are a little jealous they don't get to come. I know. [LAUGH] Well maybe next year. Maybe next year. But anyway. Yes. We've been missing from the conversation. Yeah. Being defined by others, so this event is really beautiful to be here. We love having you here. And former honoree and all around fly girl, first of all. I love it, thank you. Thank you, thank you. So I want you to go inside and have a blast, of course you are, and we'll see you next year. Yes, yes, we will see, you will see me next year. I will. I will get a ticket. [LAUGH] Yes you are always gonna get a ticket. [LAUGH] Thank you so much Mara. [LAUGH] Thank you. [MUSIC]

BWIH Red Carpet: Mara Brock Akil

Mara Brock Akil explains why she creates imperfect Black women characters to ESSENCE Editor Yolanda Sangweni.