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[MUSIC] I Essence Live, I'm Dana Blair and joining me is this very very patient man, Bryshere Gray. How are you? What's up, what's up, what's up, what's good. Look at you flashing that smile, I'm not even here for. How are you doing? Is it your first Essence festival? Yeah, energy giving me that vibe like I'm just We got V performing over there. There's a lot happening right here in the Dome. This is your first festival? My second time being here. Your second time. Last year I performed, this year I'm here just supporting my girl V, supporting Tyrese, yeah. Who you looking forward to seeing tonight? Wow, there's so many. How about this? [MUSIC] Hit it, hit it. New Edition My boy's performing tonight, Michael Bivins. Shout out to our movie, it's coming out January, New Edition, New Edition, New Edition, Empire season three. That was a good segue and a good shout out. So how was it preparing for New Edition? I mean, that's pretty iconic there. Well, while I was three months of bootcamp, no, one month of bootcamp, three months of filming And it's just about me transforming into Michael Bidens living with them for two weeks. Wow. Doing dance moves for a month with Brooke Payne and the whole Jessie Collins and you know Chris Robinson and shout out to the cast it was amazing. Know how did you balance your Empire Schedule with the New Edition Schedule was that difficult for you? It was very challenging, But we get it done. I'm young, I love working, I love acting and I feel like the platform I have I just want to keep working and doing what I do. Now can we expect any new music from you? Yes. A song about you. Aw, I'm sure you tell that to all the ladies who are out here waiting to take a picture with him. And when will we hear this new music about me? January or maybe March or maybe November, it's coming. All right, but I'm not gonna hold you to it. I'm not gonna hold you to it. Thank you so much, enjoy the rest of your festival. All right. Thank you so much. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

Bryshere Gray’s Second ESSENCE Fest Is a Family Affair

The multitalented actor told ESSENCE Live’s Dana Blair about preparing for season 3 of ’Empire’ and the upcoming New Edition miniseries.