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I'm joined by Miles Brown who you know from the hit show Blackish. Yes. I hear you're quite the dancer. Yes. I fancy myself the dancer. All right, all right. So we're gonna have to have us a little challenge. Okay. So, some old school and some new school dances, their names are gonna appear in the screen right behind me. Okay. We'll see what you got. Let's drop the music. [MUSIC] The running man. Okay. That's my generation. You got it. Get it, get it, go up. This is like house party. House party. Okay, that was good cardio actually. That's good cardio. Okay, let's see what the second one is. The Quan. And I have to drop my head too? Uh-huh. See my knees don't go that low any more. You got it. It's all in the hands, it's all in the hands. The Bernie, the Bernie let's get it. Should I bounce with it? Yeah Or is that messing it up on keeping an equal rhythm. Yeah That works for me. Family rock, let's get it Don't hurt them, and he changed the level. The next one the Dougie, I know you can Dougie. Get it. The sprinkler, the sprinkler. I don't know the sprinkler. The sprinkler is like the LIke what do you call it like this? Or yeah. You got to clear a space to do the sprinkler cause you could take somebody else out. The stanky leg. The stanky leg? This I can do. Do the stanky leg This hip comes out to here. Slow motion. Miles you know what? I need to keep you on speed dial for dance moves. Tootsie roll is the last one? Tootsie roll I know this one. Do you know the Tootsie roll? No I don't That I personally like to break in to one leg at a time cuz you have to warn the people that is coming. You kinda rock this side to side with it. Ahuh. So Miles can you freestyle for me a little bit. All right. I know you've got some moves, I want to learn how to do these things. I feel like you have to be young and flexible to do this. That was awesome! Thank you so much. Thank you so very, very much for coming! I had so much fun. Join us for more Essence Live. Yeah. Up next Miles Brown Blackish. Let's get it. Be sure to tune in. More Essence Live coming up next. [MUSIC] All right. [BLANK_AUDIO]

'Blackish' Star Miles Brown Schools Us in This Old School/New School Dance Battle

When Black-ish star Miles Brown hits the dance floor, he can't be stopped. During his visit to ESSENCE Live, he found himself in a bit of a battle...a dance battle that is.