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[MUSIC] This is Demetria Lucas D'Oyley with [UNKNOWN] .com and I am here with Bilal. Hello Sir. You look gorgeous in person. You know that right? Wow. People tell you that all the time. They usually tell me I'm getting older. What? Ugly. No one says that to you. That's what they tell everyone in America. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] No but can we talk about..Like the last time I saw you performing it wasn't live. It was the Prince tribute. Like, you were a man possessed. I've seen you perform so many times and I have never seen Seeing you on the floor, roll around, like tell me what's going through your head when you're performing. You know I just really wanted to kick off for Prince, you know. He's one of my favorite artists, you know. He's my hero as far as what he represented in music and everything he did. I just felt like it was my personal charge to not hold nothing Then back, you know Yeah you let it all loose. At the end of the performance I was like, does he know what he did. Cuz like he's just laying there. I don't think he knows what just happened. It was amazing Yeah, you know, In my head I was going to lay there until security came, but, I got up. He got up, alright, alright. So you're on tour right now for your most To release an album. Uh-huh. Yeah. I put an album out last year, maybe the beginning of last year by the name In Another Life. So we've been touring off of that. And it's been pretty cool. Okay. And I know you're working on, thee's a film you have In God We Trust. Yeah, the film I'm working on, In God We Trust, We're gonna shooting that in August in Vancouver, Canada. Okay. So I'm looking forward to that. It's gonna be pretty easy since I'm not an actor, I'm just kinda playing somebody that's exactly like myself, so. You're playing an artist in the film? Yeah. I love it. I'm playing like a travelling Guitar player, hitchhiker so. The first time I met you, I won't even say how many years ago but it was many years ago, you came by the Vibe office and you played your guitar. What other instruments do you play? Just, I've played piano. I'm a studio musician. Okay. So I wouldn't say that I'm magnificent. You know, but I write my music mainly on piano and the guitar. But when I'm in the studio, you know, I like think Think that I can play anything other than trumpet and saxophone. Okay, alright. Well it was really awesome to have you here. Thanks for stopping by. On tour, about to go on tomorrow, in a couple days. Well thank you. It was good to see you. Thanks.

Bilal Dishes on That Incredible Prince Tribute at the BET Awards

In case you missed it, Bilal literally gave his everything while performing a spectacular tribute to the late Prince during the 2016 BET Awards in June. While at ESSENCE Festival, the neo-soul singer stopped by to detail what honoring the Purple One truly meant to him and his in-studio musicianship.