The Best Swimsuits for F, G, & H Cups

These are the hottest swimsuit styles around for ladies with large busts. Get tips on how to find the right suit for your cup size.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 16, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] Ready, Set, Fierce! Where we showcase all kinds of fabulous fashions with expert advice. And today? It's all about swimsuits. Now if you've ever struggled with buying a swimsuit because your breasts are large, this segment is for you. These bathing suits are for ladies who have an F, G or H cup. Now here to show off the looks is creative director for Swimsuits for All, Sarah [UNKNOWN]. Welcome to the show, Sarah. Thank you for having me. It's a pleasure to have you on. Now first, tell us about the mission behind Swimsuits for All. Our mission is to get every single woman in a bathing suit this summer. We don't want to see anybody in a t-shirt and shorts on the beach. We sell sizes 4 to 34, every woman, every body, feeling confident, enjoying their time on the beach in a swimsuit. I love that, that is so awesome. Now, okay, before we bring out our first swimsuit, I'd like to mention that all of today's models are Essence editors. I'm so proud of these ladies, they look amazing. I hope you guys are ready. Are we ready? Alright, first up, we have's senior news and culture editor Christina Coleman. Come on out Christina. Show us what you're working with. Show us your new swimsuit. Now, Sara tell me about the swimsuit. So this is from our Capsule Collection, with supermodel Ashley Graham. It just came out a couple weeks ago. And a lot of people think bust support is about the cups. Which it is, but it's actually also about the back support. So The shape of the suite in the back is actually what gives you the support that you need in the front. This has a great tie-back. You can tie it as much as, as tight as you want to give you that extra lift and support. And I think she looks amazing. Perky. Supported. What I love about this suite is, you know, it is not full coverage. So, I think a lot of women with like fuller busts are encouraged to get full coverage tops that minimize their busts and I don't think you have to do that. I mean, you can really show off your best assets, which she's doing right here. Just make sure it has that support in the back so you feel comfortable in the front. And also, this one is particularly amazing cuz it has a matching cover-up, which I love. You can wear this just with jeans and a tank. That's exactly right. Out on the town, little bit shear, it's only $43. I was gonna ask, so the kimono's 43 or the whole set is 43? No, the kimono's 43 and the suit is 53. I love it. Yeah, but for under $100, you're getting a full look that you can wear day to night. I love that. Thank you so much Christina. You look amazing! Your three piece outfit. Okay. Our next model is's assistant editor Lauren Palmer. Lauren, come on out. Let's see what you are wearing. Yes! Vibrant red. Talk to me about this one. Love this suit. What I really love about this suit is that it really like supports her bust. But also shows off her super tiny waste. You know, not all women with big busts are big all the way down, people have all different shapes and sizes and this suit is great for someone with a big bust, you can actually have more coverage if you want to zip it farther up, you can unzip it if you want to have really sexy plunge neckline. And the red is so in. Baywatch movie came out only two weeks ago. This definitely has that Baywatch feel. Again only $53.00. $53.00 I mean you can't top that. No, you know it's a great price your going to see a lot of people in the red one piece this summer. It looks great on all skin tons and we also did an amazing campaign. Featuring a la lifeguard swimsuit. A very similar suit to this one, with Ashley Graham, Tiana Taylor, Yes. And Nicky Taylor. And people went crazy for it. It's a suit that looks good on all ages, all races, all body types, and I think this is a great on. No, I think this is a great one. Yeah. Now talk to me about these straps. Are these straps good to support a large bust, or How these straps support a large bust because they are a little bit of a thicker strap, this one also has a nice soft molded cup in the breast, gives you like a nice shape in the bust, so your boobs look great in it. I think her boobs look great here in it. Yes! Your boobs look amazing, how do you feel? Thumbs up? Alright Lauren, thank you so much, you look great. Alright, and last but not least. Is our seniors and life styles and relationship editor for Essence dot com. Girl, Charlie Pad. Come on out Charlie, show us your. Charlie, woah. Can we just take a moment Sarah, to admire and take this all in? I mean is that Amazing. Amazing. Yes. Talk to me about the swimsuit. So, Charlie's been actually a fan of the brand for a while. She loves our collaboration with fashion blogger Gabi Fresh. This is from our Gabi Fresh collaboration. This is $63. And what I love about this one is, Gabi's collection runs in cup sizes, so you can actually get it in D, DD, you can get it in E F, Wow. Or you can get it in G H, which Charlie's wearing the G H cup. Wow. But as you can see, it fits her perfectly. So is it two swimsuits? Because I see the underbody is underneath. It is. So it's two pieces. It's a one piece that comes with two pieces. Wow. So it's a bikini top underneath with a halter one piece you put over it as amazing print mixing. You know, with the check and the palm leaves You know, it's really modern and fresh. And the back, you can see it has two closures. So again, talking about that back support. Really helping you get front support. Which this suit's doing. So, she looks amazing in it. This is such an unconventional coloring and pattern, right? Yep. So are there any tips for women like Charlie who have big busts that you have for Getting a swimsuit that has so much color and pattern, what tip should they look for when they're shopping for a swimsuit? I think you know, you wanna go for something modern and unique. Again, I think don't be afraid to go for color, go for print. You don't have to wear a black one piece. You don't have to wear muted colors. Wear brights, wear prints, and really accentuate your bust. Don't be afraid to show it off. Cuz if you got it, flaunt it. If you got it, flaunt it. Now how long does it take these swimsuits to come? Cuz if I'm going on vacation- Yeah. And I'm like a week later and I see this swimsuit on Charli. What is the turnaround time? I mean you can get overnight shipping. We ship internationally, so not just in the U. S. but anywhere in the world. We're here. Literally every woman, everybody anywhere in the world. We want to get you in a bathing suit. I don't want to see anybody in sweatpants on the beach. No t-shirts. No hiding your bust. No hiding your waist. Body confidence, that's what we're all about. I love it, I love it. Charlie, you look phenomenal. Ladies, models, may we please have you back out? Yes, [UNKNOWN] can we give them a round of applause. Wow, you ladies look great. All right, to recap, we have Christina, she's rocking a Super flirty, floral print bikini with a matching cover-up. Love that cover-up. Lauren is in a vibrant red swimsuit, very Baywatchy. Charlie has on a dynamic two-piece with a modern print [INAUDIBLE] ladies. My gosh. Now remember, you can get all of these looks at Now Sarah, you're rocking a Swimsuits For All outfit. Tell me about it. I am, yes. I'm wearing one from our Ashley Graham capsule collection. This is the Presidenta swimsuit. $55. You could wear it as a body-suit with pants. I'm wearing to work today so really swimsuits for all, all of the time. [CROSSTALK] This morning, I'm losing my mind. Sarah thank you so much for stopping by [CROSSTALK] and showing us this fabulous swimsuit. I like all of them. Can I get all in my size? We're going to hook you up Okay, thank you so much. All right you heard. Hold you to it. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]