Benny Boom On Afeni Shakur’s Involvement In Tupac Biopic, 'All Eyez On Me'

In this clip from ESSENCE Live, Benny Boom — the director of the Tupac biopic 'All Eyez on Me' — discusses Afeni Shakur's involvement in the film depicting her son.

ESSENCE.COM Jun, 16, 2017
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[BLANK_AUDIO] As the director of the film, with the biopic there are so many things that you have to get right. Yeah. What where some of the things that you had to make sure you got precisely right for this film. Well, definitely all the things that people know. There's a lot of headlines about pa. So, bellow the headlines, we had to do research. Sometimes that was talking to real people: family members, friends, that sort of thing. People that were there. We did a lot of that. Yeah. And a lot of that went into. To the script originally. And you can tell when you see the movie. So speaking of family members, did you work with Efinicia Corum? Unfortunately she passed last year, but was she involved? She was involved in the film and I actually worked with her on a music video years ago. For Keyshia Cole, for Play Your Cards Right. And it's Keyshia Cole featuring Tupak Shakur. And she's in the video. And we have it with candles and all this stuff, sorta reminiscing about Pak. It's a very emotional video and. Did spend some time with her talking to her about Pac. And it was not knowing seven years later I'd be directing the movie of the same title. Look at that. This, I'm seeing a theme all ready, that it's all about connecting the dots. You never know. You never know. For real. Did she get to see the movie though before she passed away? She did not. She did not. No, we wanted to, LT Hutton who's the producer of the movie. And myself. We talked about getting it to place where we could take it and show it to her when it was right. We didn't wanna see rough cuts and all that stuff, we wanted to see the completion and unfortunately she passed. Actually, not long after we wrapped. Wow, that's really unfortunate. [BLANK_AUDIO]