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[MUSIC] Pack light, you don't wanna be burdened down with a bunch of big bottles and unnecessary beauty products. So grab like something that you can use on your lips and cheeks or like eyeliner and browliner. Something that you can kind of get a two-fer out of it. Some type of like lip moisturizer since you'll be kissing a lot. If you're going to like a place with like a lot of sun, you always wanna make sure you have sun screen. If you're going to a beach vacation, definitely need sun screen. Deodorant, don't wanna stink. You wanna smell good. Will smell good and you wanna feel good. [MUSIC] My bae, my husband likes to steal my like facial cleanser. The thing that he does do that's sometimes is upsetting is that he will use my Those $300 eye creams that I get for free, but people use them as a foot cream, and use the entire thing. It's funny he always wants me to spray his cologne in my hair. You don't have to put that on camera, if you don't want to. My husband kind of steals a lot of my beauty products. He has a beard, a full beard, so he always steals my fine toothed combs to comb through his beard. It's really annoying because there's always little hairs in it, which is. Really grow and my oil is like any sort of like hair oils or anything like that. Again for this period this period is a problem I mean, I know i love it, it's, it's problematic. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] I like really love in the morning just massaging my skin the heavenly pillow cream I don't know if that's sexy but to me, skin care is sexy. I love fragrance. I feel like no matter what mood I'm in, if I spray it on I just instantly feel like I can conquer the world and I smell good. I would say blush. Blush can warm up your face, brighten you up in ways that Are kind of like that innocent cuteness that people don't really expect anymore. A good like body oil like when you get right out of the shower and you put it on and your skin is just like glistening and shining and glowing. Definitely sexy. Getting a Korean body scrub. Now the situation when you get a Korean body scrub is not a sexy Situation cuz you're nude with 50 other women you don't know and it's very kinda rough and it isn't glamorous, but your body feels like butter. So yes, Korean body scrub equals sexy later. Dream celebrity bae My gosh I probably gonna get in trouble for answering this question So I have multiple dream celebrity bae's Trey Songs is my dream bae Well I will say Amari Hardwick is pretty attractive He's just everything. I normally don't like the guy but I feel like Steph Curry is kind of hot. Definitely Andre 3000, 150%. He kind of looks like my husband, it's right on brand. The number one tried and true is Bow Wow, hands down. I'm not ashamed to say it. Do I not have a dream celebrity Bae? Is that possible? Is my real Bae also my dream Bae? I think it is. I'm gonna say Nigel. Nigel, you're my bae. You're the only bae for me. [MUSIC]

Bae-Cation 101 With Our Beauty Team

Bae-cations are nice and all, but pulling one off is quite the adventure. Once another person enters the getaway equation, there are a couple of things to consider. Are you sharing a beauty stash? Will all of the products fit into your carry-on? Is everything weather appropriate?

If you’re preparing to jet set with or without a special someone, now is the time to re-up on the best travel tips. And who better to lend a helping hand than our beauty experts? The ESSENCE Beauty team is a one-stop shop for beauty guidance, impromptu traveling advice and of course—hilarious “bae” commentary.

Press play to see how their take on all things “bae-cation.”