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Shuffle Along, not many people know about it, so to be a part of bringing that history back and making people aware of the Shoulders really than anybody in theater stands on, African-American especially, because of what this show did and all the groundbreaking things they did, integrating the orchestra for the first time. And I mean, just the fact that African-Americans could sit in the front row or the second row or something like that. The fact that it was a love story on stage between two African-American people and that was not ever really tolerated before that. Fact that it was that first broadway show that had a jazz score. It sort of introduced syncopation, and that it brought all these starts that got their start with Shuffle Along. Like Josephine Baker and Paul Robson and all these amazing people. You know, you're seeing the actual show that was performed Back in 1921 but you're seeing everything that happened behind the scenes. You're seeing everything that happened how the show came to be. And then you see everything that happened as a result of the show happening. So you're getting kind of two stories for one. You're getting the show and then you're getting what happened behind the scenes. [MUSIC]

Audra McDonald Talks Broadway Return in ‘Shuffle Along’

The Tony-award winning performer and ESSENCE's April cover star says she's standing on the shoulders of fellow African Americans theater greats.