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[SOUND] [MUSIC] My gosh! Who are you? It's you. I just love you. Can I say that? Mickey. Did you all get that? Thank you. What are you doing on Valentine's Day? Lots of kisses into the night. I don't need any chocolates. They're not good for my sizes. I don't need any wine because I don't drink. I don't want any more lingerie. I happen to love my birthday suit better. And I'll be having a great time with the love of my life. But this is not just a Valentine's thing. It's an all the time thing. I know you've been very. I met your husband. You've been married for a long time. That's right. I married my [INAUDIBLE] 33 years ago. Most happy. There's nothing like a good answered prayer, right? That's what he is. And Valentine's Day, besides, is just one stupid romantic day that girls get too invested in, don't they? It is. And you know, if you can't have it for keeps, why play for one day? I don't like that take back stuff. We have a new customer coming up. Well that means I have to go. Two kisses and a hug! Thank you, Mikki. Hey Wendy! Hi Charli! Welcome to our office. I like your office. We upgraded, right? Well, it's a little hollow. You think? I love the purple. Speaking of decoration, that's about, what my dilemma is about. My husband and I just moved. We upgraded to a new apartment. I love it. He loves it. He thinks everything that I select for decor is too, as he says, too feminine. And I'm like, this is our home, not your man cave. And actually, you should stay in your lane and stop swerving. Because this is what women do. So what do you think? Should we agree on something? Or should he just step aside. I. Gosh. How many things have I already said that you all are gonna try to come for me on Facebook for? First I tell you to break up with friends and now I'm gonna tell you this. There are roles that, in my opinion, when a woman is in a relationship. There are roles for a man, and roles for a woman. Do you understand what I'm saying so far Charlie? Absolutely. But with that said, Charlie, a man does not want to work all day and come in and see your frilly curtains in the kitchen window over the sink. That's true. That's true. A man does not want to come in and see the unicorn that he won for you in the ring toss at Great Adventure on your first date. Seriously, hot pink everything is not fair to him either. A man doesn't want to dry off with peach towels either. Okay true. So I'm thinking about both of us and And he needs to say in his lane. Good luck, let me see your walk away. Okay. [LAUGH] [SOUND]

Wendy Williams Help Desk: ‘Is My Husband Swerving Out Of His Lane?'

Wendy Williams brings her popular ‘Ask Wendy’ advice to the ESSENCE magazine offices just in time for Valentine's Day. Watch her dish out sassy, fun advice on pushy hubbies, sexy Valentine’s Day plans and more when Editor-at-Large Mikki Taylor and relationships editor Charli Penn take a seat.

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