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[MUSIC] Hi! We are live at the 2014 Essence Festival here in New Orleans. I'm Charli Penn. I'm Sheree Jackson and we are your Essence Love Squad. And you are watching ask a brother. What's your favorite thing to see a woman wear in the summer time? Shorts. Shorts? I love to see the legs. Something like this. Something bright. Okay. Color. Like it could be bright colors. And, something loose. And show off the figure a little bit. Or something that's attractive but not too revealing. Let the man guess a little bit. Something nice and sexy. Very nice and sexy. And short. Nice little sun dresses. Okay. You know? I like flowing dresses. Nice pedicure. something, something that looks elegant and. And yet sexy at the same time. Alright, you've had a pedicure, are you a toe man? I think I am. Fling. Summer fling at Essence festival. Is that a do or a don't. Heh. It could be a do. [LAUGH] It depends on who it is! [LAUGH] Summertime, have fun, let your hair down and do things you don't regret. It's a do. It's a do? Tell you why. You a grown adult, so if you know what you want, go on and do it, you only live one time. Oh girl, we have a couple right here who met last year at Essence Festival, so Essence Festival is your matchmaker. Tell us about it! This festival is awesome to meet people, if you're single you better come out here and meet your little boo! I don't, because I'm married, but... Wife is a thing, be good. Probably behind us. Get out of the house, go out to Essence and network, meet guys, pass out some business cards, do what you have to do, because he handed me his business card, that's how it started, and I handed it right back and said, no baby, you have to call me. So get out there, your boo is not going to come to you. Where are we finding the loving, the flirting and the romance. First of all the flirting goes on just walking down, down on the street, here, so it doesn't matter. A nice little boat ride. Oh man, right here on the river walk. The perfect place. Late night strolls, laid back restaurant, good music, jazz. I like to flirt in a woman's ear. [LAUGH] To flirt. The best answer yet to that question.

Ask a Brother: Men On Summer Lovin'

The ESSENCE love squad heads to NOLA for Family Day interviews with the fellas.