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[MUSIC] Hi ladies, I'm Sharia Jackson, And I'm Charlie Penn and you are watching Ask a Brother. Today we are talking butts, booties, and tattoos as black men tell all on our bodies. What surprising thing about a woman's body do you find sexy? I like thighs, so I guess you know, a woman with some nice toned thighs, Curves. Curves are incredibly feminine. It could be from the chest area. It could be from, you know, the back side. You don't want to say breast and booty. [LAUGH] Breast and booty. What you'd do if you found out a woman your were doing had fake breast? That's not a deal breaker. That's okay. It's not one of those things that you kind of you ask on a first date anyway. You don't just go to them and say, are your real, anything like that. [UNKNOWN] But I'm not, naturally like said. I'm not opposed to fake breast at all. But I'm not judgmental. Mental. Just saying how people can find that beautiful, but for me it's all about all natural. Yeah. As long as it looks like decent not, nothing all crooked or whatever. Right now what would you feel if you find out she got another's name tattooed on her? Is that a deal breaker? Definitely. Of course. Are you kidding? He's there forever on you. I would hope that she would want to get that removed from her. Might want to get that removed. I want to be, I want to be cool with that. Have you ever had a woman change her appearance while you all were dating? Naturally, I'm a dig, I'm attracted to short hair. She did the long hair thing. Like the weave? Yeah, I'm not attracted to that at all. I've got good friends that shaved their whole head off. Went bald, or changed hair color and I've always celebrated that. To me its just all about like comfort. You know what I'm saying like. Yeah. The most attractive thing a female could wear is you know, confidence. Be comfortable with what God gave you and you, know, just you know, don't worry about the media too much and all that stuff. The important thing is to be yourself, be comfortable. [MUSIC]

Ask A Brother: Men On Fake Breasts, Tattoos and More!

Your body, his emotions. We asked real men to weigh in on body enhancements and hair on women. Watch what happened!