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[BLANK_AUDIO] What happens when your own life becomes a meme and you go viral for all the wrong reasons honey, well our next guess knows all too well because her wedding photo had the internet talking all about black love, marriage and how much neurosurgeon's make, you heard me correctly. Please welcome love and relationships editor Charlie Pin to the show. Hey Diana girl. Hey girl, hey now you're here? All the time. All the time. All the time. You're talking about love and relationships. Now you're talking about like real life and you're the star in this whole situation. Let me read a quick quote to you about, Who you are, ok. Alright. After the wedding that she paid for, Keith moves into Tameka's house, which is supposed to be Charlie, she buys him a new Lexus to replace his old Honda Accord, and even pays for a two week honeymoon to Jamaica. Being that Keith is the man, is there a problem with their Financial arrangement? Now, okay. All right. Clearly your name is not Tamaica? Clearly. Clearly your husband's name is not Keith? Not Keith. But how did you find about your wedding photo becoming a mean in the first place? Well to be honest, the tagging. It, my cousin tagged me for some Facebook the Friday night when I guess when it was starting to go mini-viral or whatever And he was like, someone just stole your wedding photo because he was there, he knows it's our wedding photo. And I saw it. I was like, what on earth? And I looked at it and I can't believe this. But then I'm like okay whatever. That's weird but whatever Then I started searching Keith and Tameka on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and I was like. How many hits, how many hits did the photo get? I mean, it was everywhere, people were reposting and reposting and talking about it and discussing it. There were some sites that had thousands of shares and thousands of comments and it was awkward because it was my photo but it wasn't our story. Story. So did you, what's the first thing you did? Did you go tell your husband or were- I showed him. And what did he say? Girl, he was embarrassed and mad. He was mad. And I understand that. Mm-hm. Because you know we're very different in that way. Right. I'm the oversharer and he's very low key. Right. And he was like, what if people don't know that I'm not Keith and you're not Tamika? Yes, painting him as like a bad guy. Yeah, it's kinda painting, and a lot of the comments Commentors were like, yeah team Tameka, and Keith came up, and it was really awkward you know but I was like babe, you know if someone said your wedding photos went viral, usually it's not a good, your photos are all over the internet, usually it's a bad thing. This is not us. Have you tried to figure out where this came form, whose Started it, you created the story, and what have you found out? I did a little investigating. Of course you did, you're are an editor, that what you do, you investigate. What did you find out? I found out that, there's a guy who makes memes like this all the time, but he usually uses stock images. So he is a guy in his basement somewhere that has no life? Yeah pretty much I mean, hey I don't know but maybe. I'm not gonna name any names but he does this a lot but he usually uses stock images. So it really made me think that he thought that this was a stock image. And so now that you know who this person is, and of course you said you're not gonna name any names. Are you gonna show up at their house? Or are you gonna take legal action? What are you going to do? You know I thought about all those things I even contacted our wedding photographer but honestly that's unfortunately this awkward. Weird grey zone we're living in. Do you know if you can take any [INAUDIBLE] Even my wedding photographer wasn't that concerned. She was kind of like, It's your likeness, but it's not you. I don't know if I have a case. And I don't know, they're not making any money off of it. It's just weird. And honestly we lucked out because a lot of people didn't even recognize us. Now if it was saying something really ratchet like you were a prostitute and he was your **** and you all fell in love. Then would you feel like you should take more aggressive action? Probably. Yeah, definitely. Especially, and also if everyone recognized me. Like did you know that was me, girl?. [LAUGH] No I didn't to be quite honest with you. So now that you've become a viral meme, has it changed the way that you feel about Social sharing means picking the things that you find. A little bit. It just really helps me realize that never say that that's not gonna happen to me. I now know that every single selfie you're, look at us on the beach. Whatever I put out there, cuz you know I share my marriage all the time cuz I am a Love and Relations editor, I just know now that it's Someone could use it. Once I put it out, then this can happen. I think that's a really good tip and a really good piece of advice for people out there with our college years who are, or those woman's who's out with the girls. Sometimes you. It can happen to you. Yeah it can definitely happen to me. Don't say that it won't. Don't say that especially now that we're in this world where everybody wants to have like The funniest meme.>> Mm-hm.>> Or the most talked about meme. Girl when we saw it in the shade room, I was like that's it.>> That's too much.>> That's it.>> That's too much. Shout out to the shade room.>> Yes.>> We love you here at Essence Live.>> We do. [LAUGH] And thank you for also covering the real story.>> Covering the real story.>> They set the record straight.>> And Charlie that you so much for joining us. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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