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Everyone's careers are blowing up, your book just came out. Everyone has so many great things going on, are- He is my biggest cheerleader, right? Yeah I was going to say, that the person I'm with is my biggest fan. Yeah. Supporter, not fan. Yeah. [LAUGH] That- Scott's like- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Scotty Guy sips some more Vin Videl, okay? I've been in a relationship where I had to hide that. I hate to hide my success That sucks. because I was afraid that he was going to be upset if I had to go somewhere or if something happened. And I would be [UNKNOWN] extremely excited and be like that's cool but when are you coming back here? You know what I'm saying and you know he was in an accountant. So it was hard for me to understand how passionate I was about this and he had no clue and I had to hide literally Any achievement that I had I did not tell That just eats away at your soul because this is not an easy industry we're in. It's passion what we do. So you want to come home and you want to talk about, maybe not all the time, but you need that support and if you don't have that support it will make you go crazy

Are Men Intimidated By A Successful Woman?

Our group of media professionals and influencers discuss whether or not they feel men are intimidated by successful women while having a few cocktails on this edition of ESSENCE Live.