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[BLANK_AUDIO] You are watching Essence LIve and it's time for our black girl magic moment of the week. And the winner is Washington D.C. high school sophomore Aquilla Johnson who became a national finalist in the Doodle for Google contest. This year's contest theme was, what makes me, me? And Akila's artwork was infused with the black culture she loved so much. Check this out. It had black lives matter symbols, the African continent, and even the Google logo was made in a pattern resembling a black woman's braid. You better go ahead, Akila, we are so very proud of you. Remember you can watch Essence's original Black Girl Magic documentaries on [BLANK_AUDIO]

Applause Please! Black Girl Magic Moment of the Week Goes to Akilah Johnson

Akilah Johnson, a fifteen-year-old Washington D.C. high school student, incorporated themes of Black history including #BlackLivesMatter, the African continent, the salute to Black power and a nod to the magic of Black women's hair, for her Google Doodle. Congrulations Akilah!