Anderson .Paak Talks Recording With Justin Timberlake For ‘Trolls World Tour’

Anderson .Paak has recorded with some of hip-hop’s greats—Dr. Dre, the late Mac Miller and our girl, Rapsody. But there’s one studio session that he’s never spoken about…until now.

When .Paak hopped in the studio with Justin Timberlake to work on tracks for the forthcoming soundtrack for Trolls World Tour, in theaters April 17, the California native had no idea how much of a master class it would be, calling the experience “sick” (in a good way of course).

“You could tell he came up under Timbaland and shit because I was like, ‘Hey, let’s put this little sound in here, like a little swoop sound.’ He’s like, ‘Oh nah, I can do that with my mouth. Schwoop! And he went in the booth and did it.'”

.Paak said he joked, “What are you like Timberland’s little brother?!”

The soundtrack, which will be available for streaming next March, also includes some of our favorite artists, including Mary J. Blige, George Clinton and SZA.

.Paak is gearing up to perform near ESSENCE headquarters in Brooklyn on Sunday as he’s teamed up with Modelo for their Modelo Fighting Chance Concert Series. The concert series, which also stopped in San Franciso and Atlanta, hopes to raise money for the International Rescue Committee, which aides help immigrants, refugees, and Americans.

Anderson .Paak Talks Recording With Justin Timberlake For ‘Trolls World Tour’

The Grammy Award-winner has been open about his own struggles early on in his career, when he, his wife and their newborn son ended up homeless after he was fired from his seasonal job.

“As someone who’s struggled, who not too long ago had no job or place to call home, I know the importance of being given a fighting chance,” .Paak said in a statement. “Music was my fighting chance. Now, I’m thankful to team up with Modelo to give those in need a shot at proving what they’re made of.”

Wanna see .Paak when he stops in Brooklyn? Grab tickets now.