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[MUSIC] Using humor to teach and to empower and to enlighten people is not something I take lightly. My name is Amanda Seals, I'm a comedian and a creative and I use funny to make people think and to make change. For me realizing that comedy was the heading Under which I could do a number of different things without people going was really the skeleton key to my breaking through. My road to success has been unconventional because I've been fully immersed in a number of fields. Like I was never dabbling, I was really doing music, I was really doing hosting, I was really a painter, I was really a rapper. You know? And I'm really Be a comedian, writer, producer, director, it's not just on my shirt. I would say success is when you're able to be established in your passion, to just remain true to yourself, and only keep people around you who encourage that. Being yourself is so hard now, there's a lot you have to waive through by yourself on your path. One of the biggest lessons that I continue to learn and work on that has absolutely helped me on this journey of innovation is the difference between rigidity and committment. Because rigidity will stand in your way. Sometimes, you're just like, no, that's not how I want it. That don't mean it's the best thing. Sometimes, you're just like, no, that [UNKNOWN] job but that's irrelevant. Your vision is bigger than the moment. Commitment is knowing that That what you are doing, feels right. And when you can really hone in on those two things, you can check yourself when you need to check. And you can check those who need checked. [MUSIC]
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