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Hello to everyone streaming live with us right now at essence.com. I am Alesha Renee. I'm super excited. Essence music festival is happening. And I have a treat just for all of you guys. Pan it on out. I'm joined now with recording artist, Alice Smith. Hello beautiful. Oh, hello beautiful. Hello darling. It's the 20th anniversary of Essence Music Festival. Yeah. You're here as a performer. Yes. How important is it to you to be a part of an event such as Essence? well, you know, the magazine, the event is, is just, I'm really excited and honored to be here. To be [INAUDIBLE] All in your face, aren't we in your face? Yeah, very close. Every single year, essence takes over New Orleans. You have to let everybody who is at home right now, streaming live, know about how ridiculous this energy is. It's very deep, very ridiculous, and very good. How important are the fans to. They're huge, there's thousands and thousands of people, and it's really exciting, and everybody's all. Juiced up on. Yeah-->> Good times. The Mountain Dew, the times. On the good times. [LAUGH] Now one of an artist who's performing tonight that I'm a huge fan of, and I know you're looking forward to seeing him. Prince- - Yes. - - The purple one. His, his Royal Highness.>> Man. Can we go on? Yes. What other artist are you looking forward to seeing performing? Well I don't know about the timing. I don't know who's playing when or anything, but I was wanting to see Let Us See, I was really glad to hear that she was here. And who else is playing? Prince is my main, my main concern. King, they just played. I wanted to see them because. They're, special. And who else is playing? I might go see Solange spin tomorrow. Ok>> Whatever day that is She does her thing. Mm-hm>> Now you'll be working on your album this summer. Influences of the album, who, what influenced you in the, or what are some of your influences? Excuse me. My influences are the need to do it. You know, and, and the desire to have new songs to play. That's my inspiration. That's your inspiration? Good work- Gotta have- Is the inspiration- The rent is due on the first- The rent is always- And we must be able to pay it. [LAUGH] Hello somebody? Can you say that as an influence? It's always a big one, yes. [LAUGH] Yes that's is a big one. Now you're a new mother. << Not a new mother, but you're a mother. << Not very new, yes. << How has becoming a mom changed your life as an artist? << It makes me move faster. it's made me more ambitious and it's made me want to. << That's a [xx] place in the background. Gotta make it happen. << Yes, it makes you. Know who you really are. And if, if, if you decide that you wanna do this music or art, or whatever it is you decide. It makes you really wanna do it. You have to [INAUDIBLE]. It makes me really wanna do it. You gotta be focused. You gotta do it. And you have the eye of the tiger. Yeah, yeah. If you could have three, like, wish list features for this album. You can only have three. Who would they be and why? What and why? Gracious, you gonna kill me. Come on. You got this. Prince because it's Prince. Yes. I like I like a lot of people, I like Conway that would be totally cool cuz it would be totally different from what I do. And one more, This is bad. I don't even know, this is bad because it is so serious. I have to think about it. It's so for real. Who is there? I don't know. A rapping version of Aerosmith? A gr, no. no no, um>> no, no you know like how Brooklyn, how Mary J. Blige have Brooklyn? It's never gonna happen. Did that happen? No. Okay. If you could leave, all of our viewers, who are streaming live at home right now at Essence.com, one thing about your music, what would it be? Real quick, cuz I gotta send you on your way. What, What. One. One thing about my music that they need to know? It's great. Hello, somebody. Yes. And when it comes out, buy it. Right. Let me get you ready. It's time. Are you ready? Yeah. Kick rock. Okay. Kick rock. And you guys don't go anywhere. [LAUGH] We'll be back with her performance.
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