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[MUSIC] Hey, I'm Dana Johnson and this is 7 things we are talking about. We're gonna jump right into number one, with our July cover subjects, the cast of Think Like a Man Too. They have lots to celebrate as the film took the top spot, at the box office, it's premiere weekend. This is the third number one blockbuster for Kevin Hart and Producer Will Packer, this year. You can catch more Kevin Hart coming to theaters, in yet another comedy called the Wedding Ringer in January 2015. Ladies, I know we all like a bad boy at some point in our lives, but this right here just takes the cake. I'm sure by now you have heard about the ultra sexy mug shot of Jeremy Meeks. This blue eyed felon, took social media by storm, when authorities in Staten California posted his arrest mugshot. This picture, turned him into an overnight celebrity and prompted various means including images replacing his plain white t-shirt, with spiffy high end suit. But authorities say he's not such a model citizen. But it just goes to show, ladies sometimes we could be suckers for a good jawbone and some pretty eyes, mm. Moving right along to number three, Malia Obama's internship on Hallie's new show. While most teens prepare to spend the summer flipping burgers on retail, which is what I did, Malia Obama has been spotted working in Hollywood. The oldest daughter of President Obama has been interning as a production assistant on the Los Angeles set of X-Men, an upcoming CBS sci-fi series, that is being produced by Steven Spielberg and stars Halle Berry. According to TMZ, Malia spent most of the day doing typical intern work aka coffee runs. Now, that couldn't have been that easy when you have an entire Secret Service in tow. Hate it or love it, the Carters do run this music game and have a passionate strong following. However, word has started bubbling up that their ticket sales for their latest tour, On the Run, have been performing poorly. Some were quick to blame Solange-gate and having to regulate in the elevator as the reasons why. Others think it is because at least one Carter is always on tour. And with the exorbitant ticket prices, some as high as $1900, that could be a deterrent. A recent Forbes article said, the tour was on pace to sell almost one million tickets in gross close to $100 million. If you're an avid follower of pop culture or social media, you know by that now that Lifetime Network, is making a biopic about the life and times of the late singer Aaliyah. Many of entertainment's young African American triple threats, now that's a dancer, singer, actress, auditioned and 17 year old Disney star Zendaya Coleman snagged the coveted role. Some fans of Aaliyah have made a big deal of Zendaya's light complexion and age. So over this argument. We know Aaliyah's a beloved figure so, anyone chosen would've gotten scrutiny. But come on people, let's give her a chance. Now, moving on to real news, the Central Park Five settlement. The five black and hispanic men wrongly convicted of beating and raping a female jogger in 1989 will receive a $40 million settlement from New York City, according to the New York Times. The men, known as the Central Park Five, had their sentences vacated in 2002, when an investigation conducted by the Manhattan District Attorney uncovered DNA and other evidence linking the beating to another man who was already in prison for other crimes. He also later confessed to the attack. The five men have now agreed to accept a $40, 000, 000 settlement. In brighter news, moving on to my girl, Lupita, who is now on the cover of American Vogue. She has done it again and scored the cover, her first, making her the only second African woman to do so. She looks absolutely stunning in these pages. It's a Marrakesh-inspired shoot. Please check it out and show some support on news stands everywhere. Show her some love. Well, there you have it. The seven things we're talking about this week. I'm Dana Johnson. And I will see you here, next time, on

7 Things We're Talking About

From Think Like A Man Too's great opening weekend to the Central Park Five's possible settlement to the new Aaliyah movie, here's what we're talking about at the top of the week of June 23.