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[MUSIC] Hey, hey, I'm Dana Blair and this, all of this right here is 7 things we're talking about. Jumping right into number one, Kobe Bryant, who has helped the Lakers win five NBA Championships over a 20 year career spent entirely in Los Angeles. Announced on the player's tribune website that he will retire after this season. Writing that, and I quote, this season is all I have left to give. In a first person story titled Dear Basketball, the 37 year old wrote in the form of a poem that the sport gave a 6 year old boy his Lakers dream and how he'll always love you for it. His announcement set social media on fire and devastated many Lakers fans. Of course, this also reopened the debate with sports fanatics comparing him to Michael Jordan. Kobe did not announce his next move, but I am sure it will be pretty unique. Next up, it has been roughly seven months since the death of Freddie Gray sent the city of Baltimore, and the country, into a fury. You may recall, Essence, that Freddie Gray was 25-year-old black man who died after being shackled and placed without a seatbelt in Baltimore City police van. Well, now it is trial time. The death of Freddie Gray made him a symbol the black community's distrust of police. His name is now invoked with those of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio, Eric Garner here in New York City, and other black men who died during encounters with white police officers. In Graves' case three of the officers charged are white and three are black and the trial started this week. Now jury selection begin in the trial of Officer William Porter, age 26. Porter, who is black, is charged with manslaughter, assault and reckless endangerment. He has pled not guilty. Now, we'll keep our eyes on this one Essence, but do you think there's a strategy here by putting one of the black officers on trial first? Let us know what you think on social at EssenceMag. My girl Erykah Badu slayed the Soul Train awards with her unique style and her Baduisms. But it is her shade thrown at Iggy Azalea that has all of social media talking. In the skit she pretended to take a call from Iggy and invited her to To the awards since it was for non-rappers. And more Badu news, her mixtape, But You Can't Use My Phone, dropped and had everyone bopping to good vibes nad smart lyrics. You can catch the inside scoop on what Ms. Badu has been up to right here on Just check out the reply of her interview of ESSENCE Live in the video channel. All right, so things have gotten complicated for comedian Chris Rock and his ex wife Malaak. Amid divorce proceedings of his 19 year old marriage the standup comic has been reportedly been embroiled in a bizarre child support battle over Ntombi, who began living in the family In 2008, she was just six months old, but was never officially adopted. The Rock's had enrolled her in school in New Jersey and toted her along to movie premiers, family vacations, Knicks games, etc. along with their biological daughters, Zara who's 11 and Lola who's 13. Though it remains unclear why they were raising the South African girl at all. It is reported that Chris has not seen the girl since he and Malaak separated a year ago. Apparently, Malaak is trying to get child support for the girl, who still after seven years, is not officially adopted. Now, doesn't that seem like quite a long time? On a more serious note, Essence Days after a video was released showing a white police officer killing a 17 year old black man. Protesters in Chicago turned out to disrupt traffic and shopping along the cities famous magnificent mile retail strip on Black Friday. The protesters chanted 16 shots 14 months. Referring to the number of bullets that struck Laquan McDonald and the delay in both the release of the video and the pursuit of charges against Chicago officer Jason Vandyke. Now, Vandyke who had been placed on administrative duty as the investigation continued was charged with murder in McDonald's death. Critics say that the city and federal investigators haven't showed urgency in dealing with the case. Local columnist and editor Carol Marin pins blame on both "The Feds" and President Obama. Writing in the Sun Times Friday, "The president doesn't hurry, not even when his city is bleeding." Mandike has since been given a $1.5 million dollar bail. I don't know if that's a smart move Chicago But we'll keep our eyes on the progress of this story. [SOUND] Continuing that momentum, consumers everywhere were encouraged to boycott Black Friday to show unity and the power of the African American community. Hashtags such as Not one dime. And redistribute the pain took over the Twitterverse. The boycott would take place during crucial shopping times, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and would wrap up on Cyber Monday. The results are not quite in as to whether or not the boycott could be regarded as a success. And last but certainly not least we're gonna wrap this week up on a positive note. The world is loving some Sasha and Malia Obama. We have watched these ladies to grow into beautiful young women. Their height and their sheik fashion sense has stole the show from their dad's Turkey Pardon this year. Plus the world is wondering when will Malia announce here college choice? Though the media suspects NYU since Malia has been very open about wanting to be a film maker. All right. There you have it. That's 7 Things We're Talking About. I'm Dana Blair. And I'll see you right here next week on [BLANK_AUDIO]

7 Things We're Talking About

From Kobe Bryant's resignation announcement to Malia Obama's pending college choice, here's what we're talking about this week.