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[MUSIC] Hey everyone, it's Dana Blair, and today we're talking about travel. Here are 7 things to love about going on a solo trip. That's right, pack your bags, get ready to connect with yourself. The first thing to love is Real time to yourself. Well, everyone loves a romantic getaway with their boo or a super lit girl's trip, there's really nothing like being able to make moves on your own time. And I soak up every single uninterrupted second. Ooh-sa Number 2, adventure awaits. You definitely find about what you're made of when you travel solo. Try something, actually, try everything new. Even if you fail miserably, no-one you know is there to see it, so onto the next one. Number 3, singles mingle better. You may arrive solo, but what's to stop you from having a great date? Or two before the trip is over. Hey, Stella got her groove back, and so can you. Number four, a little self-reflection. Without the distractions of travel mates or the office you really have time to focus on you and only you. And that's what it's all about. Number five, making lasting memories. Long after your trip ends, the stories you'll have to tell your friends and family will live on and on and on. They'll be all ears when you talk about the time you petted a tiger or swam with sharks. Number six, being carefree. You won't really have to put on makeup or unwrap your hair. Unless you really want to? Need we say more? Number seven, rest, rest and more rest. Pillow meet head, head meet pillow. Alarm clock and cell phone, they're not invited, enjoy. And that's seven things to love about taking a solo trip. [MUSIC]

7 Things You'll Love About Solo Trips

While girlfriend trips are amazing and romantic getaways can be unforgettable, a solo trip can truly be life-changing. We break down the top reasons why you should be making travel plans for one, at least once.