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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm your host, Dana Blair, and today, we're talking about a lady's favorite accessory, high heels. For all the fellas out there who might not understand why we even wear them, here's seven reasons why we love wearing heels. Number one, let's just go ahead and face it. A good shoe can make or break an outfit. The right heel can take your look from a five to a ten in seconds. Number two, high heels make you taller. Most of us were not blessed with legs like Naomi or Chanelle [UNKNOWN] But we can fake it with a good, sky-high heel. I mean, everyone deserves to feel like a super model from time to time. Number three. How does it feel? [LAUGH] That's my best D'Angelo voice, but seriously high heels make you feel sexy at work or at play. I mean, come on. Don't deny it. When in heels you stand differently, glide when you walk, and let's face it, we pose! Number 4, many high heels are being made more comfortable. Those platforms may take a bit more skill to walk in, but they change the pitch of the foot. Thus, you don't feel like you're on your tippy-toes all day, which means you can slay all day long. Number five, most heels that are still in good condition can be resold online. Which means, wait for it, more money for shoes! Number six, heels can be a great conversation starter with your girls, and the fellas. Number seven, they make your legs and **** look great. I mean everything just lifts, and who doesn't want that? And that's seven things to love about wearing heels.
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