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[MUSIC] So what's the no-fly zone on a date for you? How far are you willing to go with women? How far [INAUDIBLE] on you? Well my no-fly zone [INAUDIBLE] is there can be touch so you know that I'm there and I am present [INAUDIBLE] Maybe a little kiss, but other than that, you know, we can't do nothing else. [LAUGH] So how do you keep him tamed, like what do you do when you have urges? Anytime that I feel that I And need a release is a lot of prayer. There's a lot of thought. There is temptation. He's a part of me, you know? And I want to make sure that I keep it under control. Have you ever almost slipped up? I haven't almost ever slipped up, but I've been in situations that it's looking like it's about to be Netflix and chill, however, I think that I've been safe because I've always dealt with women Who understood my situation. If I was doing this thing on my own, I would have tricked it off a long time ago. Okay, do you watch porn? I tried to stay away from anything that could possibly tempt me, that could possibly take me down. I'm not perfect. I am a human being, I was young before, and I have watched that. But in terms of my day to day lifestyle, I don't watch porn. What if the love of your life isn't a virgin? Is that a deal breaker? I want a woman that's real, a woman that's comfortable. With herself, so for me it doesn't matter if she's a virgin or not. How many partners, like, I'm not gonna play the numbers game. I want her for her. [BLANK_AUDIO]

A 30-Year-Old Virgin? Um, We Have Some Questions, Sir!

Do you watch porn? Have you ever almost broken your vow? Do you masturbate? When "Worth The Wait Guy" JimDre Westbrook stopped by ESSENCE Live, we asked the tough questions.

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