18 Delicious Taco Recipes You Have to Try

Lauren Porter May, 16, 2017

1 of 18 Minimalist Baker

Going meatless? No problem. These tacos are spicy, hearty, meat-free and downright delicious.

2 of 18 Little Spice Jar

These tacos don't hold back in being a flavorful dinner meal! 

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This recipe is perfect for tacos with a kick. Sign us up!

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Who said tacos are only served best at dinner time? These breakfast tacos are a complete game-changer. 

5 of 18 Carl's Bad Cravings

Something about summer says delicious tacos with amazing fruit flavored salsa and this recipe gets that right!

6 of 18 Joyful Healthy Eats

There's steak, mango, avocado and onions in these tacos. What could be better?!

7 of 18 Curious Nut

These aren't your normal fish tacos. This recipe is what you need to kick it up a notch!

8 of 18 Joyful Healthy Eats

Need to whip up a meal in 30 minutes? Try this recipe

9 of 18 Two Peas In Their Pod

Who said you can't add a little salmon to your taco? This recipe is proof that the flavor gets better with every bite. 

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Don't stress the calories with this recipe for yummy "skinny" baja chicken tacos!

11 of 18 The Cooking Classy

Not all tacos not a tortilla shell and these lettuce wraps are proof!

12 of 18 Gal On A Mission

This recipe is not too spicy but has just the right amount of kick! 

13 of 18 She Likes Food

Veggie only tacos are always a good idea. Check out this recipe!

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Combine taco night and pizza night for the perfect dinner with this recipe!

15 of 18 Carl's Bad Cravings

Sweet and smoky combine with this recipe, how divine!

16 of 18 Isabel Eats

These steak tacos topped with some yummy goodness won't disapoint you or your dinner guests!

17 of 18

This recipe is packed with flavor and you'll enjoy each bite! 

18 of 18

Taking a bite out of these tacos is like taking a bite of yum, yum, yum!


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