Cheers! 15 Mimosa Recipes That Demand A Refill

We'll drink to these recipes.

Lauren Porter Jul, 19, 2017

1 of 15 Liquor

Keep it classy with this recipe--it's a good old fashioned mimosa and there is nothing wrong with that!

2 of 15 Sugar and Charm

Try a twist on the classic cocktail that is wonderful to enjoy no matter the time of year with this recipe!

3 of 15 What The Fork

Apple Cider isn't just for the fall. Add a little champagne and say cheers to a new season with this recipe!

4 of 15 Aberdeen's Kitchen

Everyone loves a pretty pink drink and this recipe is of no exception!

5 of 15 Pretty Plain Janes

This recipe is every bit of delicious you could imagine it to be and every sip will you satisfied! 

6 of 15

This recipe calls for a different citrus with a delicious dose of champagne but it's still worth each and every sip!

7 of 15 Damn Delicious

This recipe is so simple and easy--you need four ingredients to make a mimosa you'll never forget!

8 of 15 The Culinary Compass

With a light option of coconut water, this recipe is like a summertime remix on a classic cocktail!

9 of 15

This recipe, which calls for cranberries and oranges, is like never ending deliciousness in a cup and we promise the added flavors won't disappoint!

10 of 15 A Bubbly Life

Champagne works for anytime of day, as does strawberry and so does basil. Mix all three together with this recipe and you'll be delighted!

11 of 15 The Blond Cook

Tequila Sunrise meets a classic mimosa with this recipe for a yummy drink you'll just want to sip, sip, sip!

12 of 15 Tastes Lovely

Add a fun spin to a classic cocktail with this sorbet cocktail recipe! It's perfect for the season. 

13 of 15 B. Britnell

You don't always need oranges to make good mimosas--this peach recipe is the perfect upgrade to a classic!

14 of 15 1000 Lovely Things

Never say no to a refreshing drink like this! 

15 of 15 Wine and Glue

It's like the perfect cocktail marriage complete with salt around the rim--delish!