10 Yummy Cole Slaw Recipes For Your Next Summer BBQ

Summer BBQs aren't complete without a side of cole slaw. Here are 10 great cole slaw recipes to try.

Lauren Porter Jul, 20, 2017

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Kick the taste up a notch with this recipe--it's a match made in BBQ heaven. 

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Sometimes cole slaw deserves a twist and this recipe is it!

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It's fresh and crisp and this recipe gets it right!

4 of 10 Cooking Classy

Add a little fruit to your cole slaw for the little extra crunch you need with this recipe

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Everything is always a little better with bacon

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A little bit of sweet and a little bit of tang, this recipe is the best of both worlds!

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Keep it classic and simple with this recipe. Sometimes that's all you need! 

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Mix it up with this recipe and get ready to say yum!

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Add some flare to your cole slaw with a taste of the tropics with this recipe

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Spice up the flavor with this recipe and it'll make everything much more delicious.