What Other Candidates Can Take From Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign
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Although a new endorsement from the Des Moines Register has since shifted headlines about her presidential bid back in a more favorable direction, Elizabeth Warren was recently besieged by coverage centered on her rift with Bernie Sanders and lowering poll numbers. For a candidate who prides herself on running on a litany of policy ideas, it’s a debasement of a very serious campaign that is regularly proposing very serious ideas. Among them, included one new policy proposal from Warren in the midst of that aforementioned coverage that I wish more paid attention to. 

Warren says if elected president, she would launch a federal task force to investigate corruption in President Trump’s administration. 

“Donald Trump will leave behind a government that has been infected by corruption and incompetence, and his vindictive actions as president suggest that he is likely to do everything he can to undermine the next president,” she writes on her campaign website that details the plan. Moreover, she would ask for all of Trump’s political appointees to step down in addition to terminating any federal contracts produced “as the result of corruption.” In other words, Liz truly wants to rid the Stench of Sweet Potato Saddam and his money chasing band of white supremacists and sympathizers from Washington D.C. 

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Naturally, Fox News covered this. So did select other conservative media outlets as they never miss an opportunity to make hyperbole of a democratic proposal. Something- something, federal takeover, something-something socialism, blah-blah-blah, beware the professor, something-something  we need our guns. However, it hasn’t been widely discussed anywhere else.

While I understand that corruption is really only a topic covered with enthusiasm in media based in Gotham City, not to quote that demon, but many people say that the Obama administration’s failure to properly penalize they people responsible for the financial crisis helped provide the climate that gave us our rotting cheese colored future Führer. The same could be said all of those war criminals from the Bush-Cheney administration — from the tippy top on down. 

I don’t quite understand why not enough folks stress the point that one major reason that Trump and his people behave so lawlessly without fear of repercussions is what they learned from previous administrations like W., original Bush, Reagan, and Clinton. Already, Trump alums are being booked for well-paid network analyst roles, spots on Dancing with the Stars and preparing for what is presumed to be a successful gubernatorial run. 

I’m not entirely convinced that Elizabeth Warren’s campaign has stalled as much as cable news coverage that’s likely rotting my brain suggests, but even if that were to be true, I find that to say more about the underlying misogyny permeating media and Americans collectively than anything.

Regardless, she has been right to theme her campaign on anti-corruption, and while she remains a viable contender for the nomination, no matter what happens, I hope the nominee makes it a point to say they will go after Trump for his crimes. Last summer, Kamala Harris said if she defeated President Trump in 2020, her administration’s Justice Department “would have no choice” but to prosecute him over obstruction of justice. Harris was criticized by some for it, but I attribute that mainly to the mindsets of goofy people afraid to say what needs to be said out loud.

Donald Trump is a criminal. Those around him are actively engaging in criminal activity at his or even their own behests. I am not the law and order type, so typically encouraging the future president to declare that she will prosecute her successor is not my bag, but when the racist game show host who stole the presidency seems likely to cheat his way through impeachment and run a reboot of 2016 in 2020, I say Democrats need to make apparent that they not only want to rid themselves of Trump, they plan to make him and the rest of them face consequences…finally. 

And for the record, the day after Elizabeth Warren announced that she would go after the Trump administration for its crimes were she to be elected president, it was reported that Donald and Ivanka Trump were personally involved in a scheme that saw their nonprofit inaugural committee routinely overpay Trump companies.


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