Zoe Saldana Opens Up About Sexism in Hollywood
George Pimentel / Getty Images

Zoe Saldana is opening up about the sexism she’s faced in Hollywood.

In an interview with Allure, the actress revealed that despite her success she still faces misogyny and double standards. Saldana told the magazine about a particular time when a producer told her that, essentially, she was just there to look good. The producer said to the actress, “I hired you to look good in your underwear holding a gun.”

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“I was told walking into this project that they really wanted me for the part, and that any input or ideas I had to please share them. That’s what I was doing,” said Saldana, “And this producer was so bothered by the fact that he had to disrupt his vacation to call me and tell me to stop being a difficult bitch. I thought, Wow, it’s real. It really happens.”

But, Saldana won’t be allowing anything like that to happen again. The actress isn’t going to let sexism defeat her, “I have a strong sense of self,” she says. “I have no problem admitting my errors; just have respect for me.”

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