Things have been going well for the fabulous Zoe Saldana and she recently took a second to let the world know.

After a round of misinterpreted interviews, Saldana put rumors to rest that she had an emotional meltdown, saying she’s happy and just needed a little rest after “Avatar.”

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“I made a statement on one of the magazines that I was getting interviewed for and I feel like everybody sort of ran with it,” Saldana told “When it comes to like a nervous breakdown, there was no such thing.”

 Now rested,  she’s pumped for her latest project, “Colombiana.” While some critics have claimed the film stereotypes Colombian women, Saldana said the flick is entertaining and definitely worth the watch.

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“We need to give ourselves the opportunity to watch it, because it doesn’t deal with any cartels, it doesn’t deal with any drugs, it just deals with bad guys,” Saldana told “And bad guys, honey, … every block has them all. So, that said, I don’t feel we were being stereotypical.

The film just hit theaters — check it out and let us know what you think!


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