Los Angeles native Amani Terrell has had it with Hollywood’s one-sided depiction beauty. So, the plus-sized beauty took to Hollywood Boulevard in a bikini to show that there’s no shame in her game. 

“You cannot seek validation from other people, this world is very cruel,” she told Good Day LA. “You must seek validation and be kind to yourself.” As a 260-pound woman living in Hollywood, Terrell sees the pressure to be thin all too often and says that, “there’s this mass hysteria of perfection,” but beauty comes in many shapes and sizes. 

She says that the one message that she wants women to get from her is, “Be kind to yourself, love yourself, you have to. It starts with your mind.”

Although there was an overwhelmingly positive response, Terrell still saw some backlash. What do you think?

Do you agree with Terrell’s strut down Hollywood Boulevard as an effective way of promoting self-esteem?