Imagine taking lessons from a jazz great — what about a legend? For Harvard students, a dream is about to come true. On April 28th, Wynton Marsalis will kick-off a two-year performance and lecture series at the Ivy League school. Marsalis’ work with the university is part of an ongoing effort to increase the awareness of the arts on campus.

A celebrated and highly decorated musician, Marsalis is a perfect fit for the position. Among other things, his lectures will highlight the connection between American music and American identity. Each lecture will be capped with performance — some scheduled acts include the New Orleans Parade Band and the Jazz Lincoln Center Orchestra.

“I am delighted that Harvard has recognized the need to make cultural literacy an intergral part of its curriculum. I hope that other institutions will follow suit to foster a deeper appreciation among all Americans for the democratic victory of our cultural legacy,” said Marsalis.

His first lecture is said to be entitled “Music as Metphor,” students better get their pens and pads ready — he’s prepared to give a lesson of a lifetime.