We know Wyclef Jean as a rapper, producer and philanthropist, but could we soon be calling him Mr. President? Rumors of the former Fugees frontman flirting with politics have been rampant ever since the earthquake in his native Haiti. And now, reports the Associated Press, Jean’s family says he’s considering it, but hasn’t decided on whether to seek the country’s five-year term presidency. “Wyclef’s commitment to his homeland and its youth is boundless, and he will remain its greatest supporter regardless of whether he is part of the government moving forward … if and when a decision is made, media will be alerted immediately,” read a family statement on Monday. If he does decide to run, Wyclef would have until August 7 to declare his campaign. He would also need to prove that he has lived in Haiti for five consecutive years and owns property there. Wyclef recently told CNN that he is still mulling over the idea. “I can’t sing forever,” he said. The rapper/producer also took to Twitter last week to “clear up the rumors.” “I have not announce [sic] to the Press that I’m running for President of Haiti,” he tweeted. Life would be imitating art if Wyclef were to become President of Haiti, considering that he wrote a song called “If I Was President” — in which he sang about rebuilding the ghetto and feeding the poor. “I know some so poor, when it rains that when they shower / Screaming ‘fight the power,” he sings.