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Hands down, the first 100 days of the Obama Presidency has been both historic and extraordinarily successful. Being the President of the United States has to be the utmost dream comes true for any one born a Leo because lions are born to lead. Barack Obama is indeed a Leo, born on August 4, 1961. The science of numerology already shows his rise to power and success as this country’s 44th President.

Numerology never uses zeros so the number 100 is reduced to the number one. One is a number of leadership, ruled by the Sun, the largest life giving planetary force of the Universe. This is a number of warmth, strength and prosperity. Those born under this number are confident, self-reliant and someone who is willing to stand alone and act on his own beliefs and convictions. President Obama exhibited his ability to lead in his recent trips abroad. His decision to boldly open the doors for negotiation with the Cuban government as well as passionately shake the hand of the President of Venezuela showed him as a person guided by his own convictions.

The President also has some other very interesting numerical indicators, such as he has a number four personality. The number four is ruled by the Uranus the planet of change. This suggests that he is hard-working, disciplined and well organized, and concerned with getting things done. If he’s trying something new, it’s because he’s looking for something that will bring a better result.

President Obama’s career path is a number two. The number two is ruled by the Moon, which is considered a nurturing planet. In numerology the number two is that of a public servant. Yes, according to this science, our President is correctly followed his career vibration of being either a statesman, a diplomat, or in his case, the President of the United States.

Let us not forget the female element of this powerful first 100 days and that is First Lady Michelle Obama. Michelle’s numerical indicators suggest that the first 100 days for her in the White House have been equally successful as she has won the hearts of those overseas and here in our nation. Michelle’s soul vibration is the number nine, which is the number of compassion, kindness and a person who is lead by humanitarian deeds. Number nines usually have a strong desire to make the world a much better place and love is very important to them.

Based on what the world has seen of the Obama’s, I would have to say that Michelle doesn’t have to worry about being loved. She without a doubt has the love of her husband, her children and family, but her warm attitude and kind disposition has made a soft spot in the heart of many far and near.

What do you think of this numerology reading of the Obama?

Astrologer Kim Allen has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including MTV, Entertainment Tonight, CNN and Good Day New York.