• South Africa is burning up with World Cup 2010 fever as the games officially open today with a match between S.A. and Mexico. [FIFA]
  • Nelson Mandela won’t be attending the World Cup opening today. His great-granddaughter, Zenani Mandela, 13, died in a car crash early this morning. [CNN]
  • Drake is championing an environmental movement in hip hop, teaming up with Green the Block, traveling to 17 campuses around the country to educate fans on going green. Check out the promo video below.
  • New Yorkers know how tough it is to find an apartment in the big apple. Why not rent President Barack Obama’s old pad? The two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment is going for $1,899 per month. [CNN]
  • A week after Gary Coleman married Shannon Price, the actor signed everything over to her in the event of his death, according to a new will filed by Price. The will leaves Price Coleman’s bank accounts, property, cars and his “model trains, toys [and] games.”
  • “This I have done because of my own personal selfishness and weakness,” Coleman wrote,  “and I love her with all my heart.” [PEOPLE]
  • Price has filed a legal challenge for control of Coleman’s estate. [CNN]
  • Tory Burch announced that she’s adding denim to her upcoming collections. [InStyle]