After debuting her new single “21st Century Girl” last week, Willow Smith made an even bigger splash on television as a recent co-host for the Oprah Winfrey Show — but the blogosphere has talking about how the young hair-whipper was acting a tad too grown during her talk with Ms. Winfrey.

Apart from rocking the stage with her performance of “Whip My Hair” and “21st Century Girl,” 10-year-old Willow chatted with Oprah about her career, trailblazing fashion sense, and what she does for fun. But many say the ten-year-old acted a little too familiar with Oprah calling her “Girl” and coming across as a little cocky. For example, Oprah asked Willow to describe her closet and the Roc Nation superstar replied: “Giiiiirl. No, it’s like from here to there.”

Several audiences members tweeted that her constantly calling Oprah “girl” and her tone during the show was disrespectful. Author Terry McMillan already caused a stir about Willow’s behavior in a recent tweet saying the Smith children have an “arrogance to their demeanor and behavior.”

Do you agree  — was Willow Smith being rude or just lively on the show?