Jennifer Hudson and her family can breathe a sigh of relief this afternoon. William Balfour, the man convicted of murdering Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew, was sentenced to three consecutive life sentences for the killings and an additional 120 years in jail for home invasion and aggravated kidnapping.

Judge Charles Burns also denied the possibility of parole as he told Balfour his crimes “send a chill through all of us” and that his soul is “as barren as dark space,” reports the Chicago Tribune

The judge said he couldn’t believe Balfour loved Hudson’s 7-year-old nephew, Julian. “The fact that you can stand in court and tell us you love that child is an insult to all of us,” said Burns. “There’s no doubt in my mind he looked up to you as you were putting bullets into his head. I just hope his terror was short-lived.”

Hudson, along with her sister and several family members were present for today’s sentencing. Overcome with emotion, a family member burst into tears and excused herself from the courtroom as Balfour delivered his final remarks, “My condolences go out to the family. My deepest sympathies go to Julian King. I loved him. I still love him.”

In addition to three consecutive life sentences and 120 years in jail, Judge Burns denied Balfour’s motion for a new trial.

State Attorney, Anita Alvarez thanked the Hudson family for cooperating with authorities. “We hope that today’s sentence provides them with some measure of justice and closure,” said Alvarez in a statement.