Will Lauryn Hill Postpone House Arrest for New Tour?
Gilbert Carrasquillo

Lauryn Hill was scheduled to begin a three-month house arrest sentence soon, but it appears it will be delayed on account of her career.

According to TMZ, Hill asked that her home confinement be postponed so she may go on tour—and it was granted.

Hill will embark on a short tour on November 15th and wrap it up on December 31st. On New Year’s Day, the “Ex-Facotr” singer will return home to continue serving the rest of her sentence.

However, all aspects of her travels—including dates, cities and hotels—will have to be cleared and approved by her probation officer.

Last week, Hill was released from jail after serving three months in the big house for tax evasion. Upon her release, she put out a new song, “Consumerism.”