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Wiki-How Apologizes For Whitewashing Photo Of Obama, Beyonce and Jay-Z

A Beyonce fan account pointed out that an illustration on WikiHow whitewashed a well-known photograph of the former president with Bey and Jay.
Wiki-How Apologizes For Whitewashing Photo Of Obama, Beyonce and Jay-Z
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The how-to website WikiHow is apologizing for an illustration on their site that shows President Obama, Beyoncé and Jay-Z as white people on an article about how to become a congressman.

Yes, you read that right!

In the article on “How to become a congressman”, there was an innocuous cartoon of two white men and a white woman in conversation.

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But a Beyhive account was quick to point out that it was a rendition-gone-wrong of Obama, Jay and Bey from a 2012 fundraising event.

The company immediately tweeted its apology on Monday, but followed up on Wednesday with another Twitter statement:

“When we saw the whitewashed image of Obama, Jay Z & Beyoncé, we were disgusted & ashamed. It never should have been on wikiHow,” the tweet said.

They are also claiming that the whitewashed image was not intentional. The problem occured due to miscommunication between a team of illustrators in January 2014.

“One person sketches, the other person colors. The sketcher sent the colorist a black and white sketch. The colorist did not know the race of the models [and] wasn’t aware it was Obama and Beyoncé. We don’t think the illustrator intentionally whitewashed here,” they said.

The photo and article have both been taken down.