Although adultery is no laughing matter, this Facebook shaming post is something you have to see to believe. This just in ladies: One wife has found a very creative way to put her husband on blast for stepping out on her, and an even more unique method of deciding his fate.

Sonya Gore asked her husband, Ivan Lewis, to post a photo of himself on Facebook holding a sign that reads: “I cheated on my wife. (And she was ugly!)” He did it (gasp!), and he revealed in the caption that his wife says she’ll take him back if he gets 10,000 likes on Facebook, so he’s hoping for a little help from friends and family. As of press time, he’s at 5,671 likes since he originally posted the picture on September 22. Ladies, would you publicly shame a man for breaking your heart?

Are you putting your business in the streets or is this just sweet (digital!) justice? You tell us!