Why Women Are Gravitating To Local Barbers For Fresh Cuts
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Women have always had some sort of relationship with barbershops, even if it’s bringing their sons in for a weekly or bi-weekly haircut. But now, more recently women are gravitating to the barber for the same reasons as men: they want quicker, less expensive sessions for half the price.

For some women, it’s all about the cut.

“People have a negative stereotype about clippers because they feel like [they’ll impart] too much of an edge,” says Josh Livingston, a barber at Freemans Sporting Club, the Lower East Side of New York in a recent Refinery29 article. “But it doesn’t have to be so severe — it can be soft and short.”

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Most barber shops are still predominately male, but the community vibe is still prevalent and many barbers are welcoming the opportunity to showcase their skills sets on women.

Overholt, a female barber at Freemans lets her female clients know first-hand, “I’ll give you a great haircut, but I don’t have a round brush, I don’t have styling tools…we don’t have volumizing spray. We just have pomade, a really light styling cream; it’s slim pickings,” she says. “It’s rough-dry, and then you’re gone… We’ll give you a good, solid technical haircut, but it won’t be fancy.”

What about you? Would you go to the barber for a cute cut?