Why This Toddler Loves His Diapers
@SleeplesssInKy via Twitter

Aside from the obvious reasons to love diapers, this little toddler can’t get enough.

In a series of tweets, mom, Rose Bennett, captures the adorable reaction her son, Ben, has when she purchased Parent’s Choice diapers.

“Ben thinks this is him and won’t let go of the diapers,” she tweeted, along with photos of Ben and the look-a-like toddler on the packaging.


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Bennett tells HuffPost, “I think he became so attached because he’s never seen another baby that looks like him on packaging for diapers. He was very happy with his new ‘friend’ and continues to drag the diapers around the house.”

“Representation is more important than we think,” says Bennett.

And she’s right.

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